In 1945 John Rugg moved the Peck Pool Hall from Peck to today's Canyon Inn location and named it Balcony Steak House.  It was loaded onto a trailer and pulled by Edward Knowlton's tractor. The original pool hall had a balcony and one can only assume that's where the name came from.

Karl & Mammie Hicks bought the business from Mr. Rugg in 1947 and renamed it The Cockateel. They were the proud owners of a multi-colored cockateel. The thriving business was home to gas pumps as well as restaurant offerings.  In 1947 gas was going for $0.23 a gallon. They leased the business to Field Bishop & Frank Bryse in 1949.

After a fire completely destroyed the building in 1950, Ray & Alice Wargi built a new building complete with  3 bedroom living quarters in the back. They called it Ray's. They had gas pumps, food, beer, and three slot machines. 

Glen Maxwell bought Ray's in 1954 from the Wargis. Mitch and Melva Cain managed it for Glen Maxwell.

In 1959 Zain Wilcox and Bud Deyo bought Ray's from Mr. Maxwell as an investment. Bud and Zain completely remodeled it; adding a kitchen, separating the tavern from the restaurant area, and renaming it the Canyon Inn. Jack Johnston managed it for Bud and Zain. 

Coach (Harold) & Donna Campbell bought the Canyon Inn from Bud Deyo and Zain Wilcox in 1961. They obtained a liquor license from the City of Peck. 

​Lois and Mike Moody bought the business from Coach & Donna Campbell in 1974 operating it until 2005.

In 2005 Penny and Brian Deyo bought the Canyon Inn from Lois Moody.  They  added an RV Park and outside dining and continue to bring new menu items and events to the Canyon Inn. 
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Canyon Inn RV Park

Owners - Brian and Penny Deyo
Peck Junction on Hwy 12 - 20289 Big Canyon Rd
Peck, Idaho 83545 
Red Shed Fly Shop .....
       20652 Big Canyon Rd, Peck, Id 83545
       Phone 208.486.6098
​       ...for all your fly fishing needs.

GunPeck .....
    Specialty firearms and ammo
      Main St, Peck

Kayler's Bend Golf Course ....
     Mile post 34 on US Hwy 12
     Phone 208.486.6841
​     Beautiful 9 hole course just around the bend.

Jarrett's Guide Shop ....
      P O. Box 561, Orofino, ID 83544​
      Phone 208.476.3791
​      Book your guided fishing trip here.

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